Temperature Indicating Labels – How do they work?

Published: 11th March 2011
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Each temperature indicator label purchased from Temperature Indicators Ltd contains many component parts, each part working with the others to give a strong visual colour change when a temperature is reached or exceeded.

The label’s functionality depends on several active layers that interact to provide the colour change. One of these layers is a carefully formulated white wax that is located over a piece of black paper. When heat the paper absorbs heat it expands like a sponge and causes the wax to melt. The wax then seeps through the black paper, moving to a lower layer in the label, leaving only the black colour seen by the observer. A red paper can also be used in the temperature indicating labels to give a white to red change. This process happens very quickly, with the indicator label changing colour in around four seconds, with that time decreasing if very large amounts of energy are applied very quickly to the label. All the labels are backed with adhesive and a good seal to the test surface helps to ensure the indicator works well and reacts accurately to temperature change.

The colour change of the labels is irreversible. We recommend that users position the indicator label in situ, observe the change, note the reaction & remove the label when this observation is complete. For some users, that can take a matter of minutes or even a few seconds, for others it can be months. Removal may separate some of the layers, affecting the colour change, so the temperature labels tend not to respond too well to being removed and stored as permanent records. Customers that need a permanent record should contact usto discuss our additional printing solutions, as we can print a card onto which the temperature indicator label is placed, allowing data to be recorded alongside the temperature label itself. Such cards can be more easily retained & stored for validation of any quality assurance / control procedures.

One thing we’ve learnt over time is that every application for temperature labels is unique. We pride ourselves on our ability to advise our customers on the best way to use our label products but also on their limitations. We keep our prices very competitive, our minimum order quantities are very small and we offer bulk discounts for large volume orders. 99% of our items are in stock and can ship within 24 hours. Email us with any questions – we’re here to help.

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